Thursday, May 9, 2013


  I have some friends who are not on Goodreads that I asked to write short reviews for Freeing Asia and they were nice enough to do it. Here's one from my friend, Liz:

"Freeing Asia is a great read for readers and non-readers alike. I am a non-reader myself but I felt that this book pulled me in from the first sentence. The way that E.M. Abel describes the emotions and feelings of the characters really puts you in their world and you can actually feel the happiness, excitement, sorrow, etc that each character is experiencing. This book is relatable on so many different levels that I would recommend it to anyone."

And one from Shayla:

"E.M. Abel's writing is so emphatically true that it fully encompasses the reader & leads you on a whirlwind of emotions from beginning to end. Asia becomes your friend, your sister, yourself. I laughed with her, cried with her, & experienced her passion first hand all while becoming lost in "Freeing Asia's" crisp & invoking pages. In the end, I felt as if I'd lived a lifetime through Asia's eyes. Truly a beautiful & empowering piece of literature for all women to embrace!"

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