Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jay Teaser (unedited)

          “What?” He asked looking amused.
         “I just love how attentive you are. A true gentleman. I’ve never been treated like a lady before.” 
         “I usually like the bad boys.” I admitted smiling up at him before I took a bite of my pizza. 
         “But I guess since you aren’t a bad boy anymore I should try to behave myself.” 

         After swallowing I put my pizza down on my plate and Jay grabbed my hand bringing it to his mouth. His eyes locked on mine as he took my index finger and slowly licked the sauce off of it. 
        Hoooly shit. 
        “Oh I can be bad, baby.” 

        I could feel my entire body tingle with that single touch. I imagined other places I wanted that tongue to be and could feel myself tighten between my thighs. When he was done I brought my finger to my mouth sucking on it as I held his gaze. His eyes moved down to my mouth and his lips slowly lifted into a devilish grin. I pulled my finger out.   
       “Good.” I murmured before smiling back. 


  1. Sweet Baby Jesus! *fans*

  2. That was hot!!! I need a bottle of cold water. When is your release date?

  3. OMG! That was one of my most favorite scenes ever! So freaking HOT! MMM... Jay... so yummy... come here and lick my... uh.... umm... finger. ;) I CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE FROM THIS SERIES! So, so good!

  4. That was a perfect teaser. There's so much more coming. So so excited.